Crown College Policies related to Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department is here to serve the Crown College community by providing campus network, computer, phone and other technology-related services. Computer labs are available as a service to full and part-time students, faculty, and staff. Students receive an account that allows access to the campus network. Once activated, these accounts not only provide a means of accessing the campus network, which includes centralized file storage, public access printers, and Internet access, but also functions as a student's email address.

The IT Policies outlined here intend to provide for reliable services to the Crown community.  The Computer Use Agreement contains policy which governs the use of the campus network. Before receiving a username and password, the student must consent to the agreement. Students, faculty, and staff who use the campus network are responsible to know and abide by the guidelines found in the Computer Use Agreement. It is expected that students will maintain the highest standards of personal integrity and ethical behavior in their use of computer software and services.

Here are the relevant policy documents:

Updated April, 2018