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Controlling Junk email

Microsoft Office 365 filters spam and other unwanted email from reaching your mailbox - most of the time.  

If you want more control over what email you receive, the following article from Microsoft explains how you can use features of Outlook to further reduce unwanted email:

Mobility Print - Printing from personal devices

New and Improved Feature Available for Printing from Your Personal Device:

Note: If you are an employee, do NOT follow these steps on your Crown-issued computer.  The Mobility Print feature is only used for printing from personal devices.

Mobility Print allows you to print from your iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS devices. The feature allows printing different file formats, choosing number of copies, choosing B&W or color, 2-sided or 1-sided, choosing portrait or landscape orientation, and choosing to print some or all pages of a print job.

To set up Mobility Print, click the link: from the device you want to be able to print from.  The webpage will show a set of instructions that are specific to the OS type of your device.  During the setup process, you will only see one option for a printer: FollowMeRicoh PCL

How to use RICOH Copiers and Printers

Using RICOH Copiers and Printers

The Ricoh Copier devices are located at:

S132 - 1st South Copy room

N102 - NT Computer Lab

A102 - Athletic Office

W210 - 2nd West Copy room

N200 - Front Entrance Reception

N332 - Collaboration Copy Center

N427 - Library by the circulation desk

W402 - Library West Wing Lab 

Training videos can be found at: