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Office Hours

Help Desk Hours During On-Campus Class Sessions (Late August to Mid-May)
Monday thru Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 6:30pm-9pm

Help Desk Hours During Summer (Mid-May to Late August)
Monday thru Friday: 8am-5pm, subject to staff availability

Contact Info

Phone Numbers:  (Phone answered during office hours)


Location: Main S103, 1st floor near elevator

Wi-Fi:   Crown              Password: Crown1916


Crown is requiring all Crown accounts to be protected by using multiple methods to log in.  This is typically called MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication.  In addition to your password, you will need another method to verify your identity while logging in to Crown sites. 


This MFA requirement is being made mandatory on all accounts starting September 1st.    Many at Crown are using this already.  Please beat the rush and sign up now before it is enforced next week on all accounts, students, staff, faculty – all and accounts.


How to register for Multi-Factor Authentication and Self-Service Password Reset


Go this this Microsoft Site: 


(If you think that link is suspicious, you can also get to the same page by logging in to and looking for Security Info under your user settings.)


Complete the sign-up process using your existing credentials (Crown email as your username and password) that you use to login today.


Next steps

After you register, you will be able to add a safe and secure two-step verification method for your online credentials from a range of authentication options (such as phone call, text message, or mobile app notification) to access your applications. You will also be able to reset your password from Office 365 portal.



Crown IT


Please contact the Crown IT Helpdesk at or 952-446-4357 or stop by the helpdesk at Main S103 near the elevator on 1st floor.



Crown Email:

Crown email is provided by Microsoft365 and requires your entire email address as the login credential, Microsoft calls your email address your Username.




Canvas LMS:

The Crown Learning Management System is provided by Instructure and the platform is called Canvas.

To log in to Canvas, only the first part of your email address is needed.  The part that is unique to you, before the @, which we call the login name or login ID.  Canvas calls this your Username.


Username: lastnamefi22  

The portal is JICS, Jenzabar Intranet Campus Solutions.

Logging in to requires only your login name, the part of your Crown email address before the @.  it is also referred to as your Username.


Username: lastnamefi22


**All three of the above sites use the same password.  If you need to reset your password, use:

Microsoft Online Password Reset  This site needs your entire Crown email address, and maybe some other contact methods, if you've set those up at Microsoft.


If you want to change the personal email we have on record for you, please contact our Registrar at or 952-446-4450

Please contact us at or 952-446-4357 if you need help logging in or resetting your password.


Submit a work order request to Facilities:



WiFi: Crown pw: Crown1916

The public Wi-Fi at Crown College is:   

SSID:       Crown

password: Crown1916



Here are the three apps for our smart devices that have replaced plastic ID cards:  (1-door access, 2-meal/library, 3-printing)





What app is that?


How do I get this app?


How does it work?


Where do I get more help?



I need an ID to get in the door!


HID Mobile Access App



An invitation from shows where to download and how to set up.


Wait for the invite email. Downloading it on you own will not work.



It is your ID Card for Door Access.


The app needs to be active on your smart device to work.


This app is only needed if you access secured doors at Crown.



You will be sent an email with instructions. has a FAQ about this app.


IT Helpdesk





I need an ID to scan for meals & library!


Crown Connect Community App


Follow instructions in the invitation email from Martha to get started on that app.


App Store or Google Play

Login with your Crown Credentials and set up your profile.

Or use the web version:  (




It has your ID Bar-Code for Meals and Library.


Find it on the menu

More - ID Card


Ask others that have it for help!


IT Helpdesk




I need an ID to use the copier!




Instructions on how to get this app are posted at our Ricoh Copiers. 


You need to be at one of our RICOH copiers to get registered.




It is your ID Card for releasing print jobs at the copier.


The app needs to be active on your smart device to be scanned at the copier ID reader.


See the instructions at our copiers.


Visit us at the

IT Helpdesk if you still need help.


I don’t have a smart device that works with apps!


Please see


Main S103

for accommodations on  the access you need.



Crown IT will be issuing a limited number of plastic ID cards where they are needed by special request.


The current cards will NOT work on the new system.


Talk to us at the Crown IT Helpdesk


Students will be charged a small fee for the first card issued.


  Faculty/Staff will not be charged when a new card is the only option.


Main S103








Crown Connect App for Meals, Chapel, Events

Crown College has launched the Crown Connect app with a new look and new features!

Download today.

It will house your digital ID card that you will need to scan in for Chapel, meals, and events.

Apple app store



Printing App for your smart device


This app enables your phone to release print jobs from the FollowMeRicoh print queue



-instructions are posted at the copiers for this process.


In the App Store:  get the app called  Mobile Badge BLE NFC

In the App

  • Allow Bluetooth
  • Ignore the software update message if any
  • Open the app
  • Hold your phone up to the reader on the side of the copier (you need to be at a Ricoh copier to do this step)

On the copier

  • Select the button to associate your badge with papercut
  • Enter your Crown username and password
  • Hit OK

You are all set.  When you have a print job to release at a copier, open the BLE app, hold your phone near the scanner on the side of the copier.  The copier will log you in and show you copier functions and print jobs to release.


Helpful Links

Wi-Fi:   Crown              Password: Crown1916

Password Reset:  Microsoft Online Password Reset

Crown Email access:

Canvas LMS:        

Install MS Office:  

MS Teams web:           

Mobile Print:           (Printing from your personal device to Crown copiers)

Crown public web site:

Microsoft Product Training:


Help Desk Hours During On-Campus Class Sessions (Late August to Mid-May)
Monday thru Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 6:30pm-9pm

Help Desk Hours During Summer (Mid-May to Late August)
Monday thru Friday: 8am-5pm, subject to staff availability

Phone Numbers:  (Phone answered during office hours)


Location: Main S103, 1st floor near elevator

Wi-Fi:   Crown              Password: Crown1916


FAQ: Apps for door and other access

Questions About The HID Mobile Access App for Door Access  (Scroll down for other Crown Apps)

Where to I get the app for my smart device?

-You will be sent an invitation from that includes instructions on how to get the app and a one-time setup code to enable it on your device. Finding and downloading the app on your own will not work.  You need an invitation email.

-The app does not give you access, it just allows the access you are granted by housing to be enabled on your device.

-Students: the Check In process must be complete before access will work on your device

What if I do not have a smart device?

-Visit us at the Crown IT Helpdesk at S103, or or 952-446-4357 to make other arrangements for door access.

Does my app need to be open to work?

-No, but you need to have the "Allow Mobile Access When" setting set to "always" if you want it to work while the app is in the background.

How do I avoid this app draining all my battery?

-The app can be turned off when not in use.  Turn it on before arriving at a door so it is ready when you need it.  Turn it off after that if you want to conserve power. Some devices will show which apps are drawing the most power.  Check that in your settings to see how this app compares to others with battery use.

What’s the difference between location ALWAYS on or only when using the app?

-ALWAYS will allow the app to run in the background and provide access service while it is running, and not active.

What do I do when my phone stops working?

-Restarting your phone weekly, keeping current on updates, having a routine charging schedule, shutting down unnecessary apps are all ways to improve the reliability of your device.  If your phone is non-operational, please visit the Crown IT Helpdesk at S103 for recommendations on how to get repairs.  We can help make other arrangements for door access while your phone is being repaired.

What do I do if my app stops working?

-Make sure you do not have any other Tap and Pay cards close to the phone.  Shut down other apps on the device.  Completely power-off the device, wait a minute and restart.  Re-start the app and try again.   Visit the IT Helpdesk for help.

What needs to be turned on for this app to work?

-Bluetooth needs to be on.  The device must support NFC (near field communication).  The setting "Allow Location Access" only needs to be on "always" if you want the app to work in the background.  If you select "while using the app" then the app will need to be open to work.  HID Mobile Access does not track your physical location but the app uses location services features to detect when you are in close proximity of supported readers.   

Can it work when my phone is communicating with another Bluetooth device (ie. Airpods)?

-Yes, the app supports operation of other Bluetooth devices while operating.  The Beat Goes On.

Does this app operate differently on different types of phones?

-Not all phones, models and users of the devices are the same.  The device needs to support NFC, Bluetooth and have the compute power and space to support that app.  Other apps may interfere.  Visit the Helpdesk so we can help determine why your device is not functioning.

If I do not have a phone for a period of time due to an unexpected malfunction, how will I access the building?

-Visit the Helpdesk so we can make other arrangements.  Your roommate, RA or other Student Life staff will have the ability to help after hours.

How close does my phone have to be to the reader to open the door?

-Within six inches is a good rule, but devices have varying NFC power abilities.  You may need to experiment to find the distance that works for your device.  Some Android devices need to be rotated or twisted to activate the reader.

What do I do if an error alert shows up on my phone when I’m trying to access the building?

-Write down or screen shot the error and send it to Close all apps, reboot the phone and try again.  It is good to keep your device clean of unused apps, rebooted weekly, charged on a routine cycle, kept out of the cold when not in use and up to date with the latest software releases.  Visit us at the Crown IT Helpdesk if you continue to have issues.

What happens if my phone is dead?

-If it is after hours and you are stuck outside, go to a place where there are others who can help contact someone from your residence that can let you in.  Contact your RA or other Student Life staff.  There are charging stations in the Coffee Shop, Library and the Commuter lounge.  Keep your phone warm in the winter, free of excess running apps, charged on a routine schedule and rebooted weekly to improve reliability.  

The Crown IT Helpdesk can help with HID Mobile and other App issues and questions. 

Visit us at S103 or or 952-446-4357

Can I use my new smart app for discounts at our participating outside partners?

It is good to call ahead and ask what outside partners will accept as proof of being a student, faculty or staff of Crown College.  The Crown Connect app is a good app to show at these partners.  Having access to the Crown Connect app proves your connection to Crown College.

I thought the Crown Connect app replaced everything about our old plastic cards, do we need three apps now?

There are three apps to replace the functions of the legacy plastic cards.

-The Crown Connect app for meals, library, chapel check in.

-The HID Mobile app for door access.

-The BLE app for copier access.


There are three smart device apps for the following three areas:

1-HID door access app. The Crown helpdesk can issue you a plastic card instead of using this app. There is a $10 fee for the first card, and a $25 replacement fee if it is lost or stolen.

2-Crown Connect, community communications app, to keep up with Crown community events. This app also has a place for your bar-code for meals and library use. We can print that bar-code on the door access card for you. The Crown Connect app is also used to check in for Chapel. Please contact Student Development about how Chapel and other event check in will work for you without the Crown Connect app.

3-BLE app for releasing print jobs at the printer. You can log in at the printer each time you need to print without using the BLE app.

What do these apps do with my personal information?

Crown college uses these apps to provide access to our community and buildings and to provide other services that you need as a student.  The apps themselves also need to know about you in order to provide these services.  Here are their privacy policies:

Crown Connect, our campus community app:

HID Mobile Door Access App:

BLE NFC Print Access App:



Share Screen with Technician

If asked to by an IT staff member, please click on the following link to start a screen-sharing session:

Please read these updated minimum technology requirements for the current school year. Keep an eye on your Crown email for IT updates throughout the semester.

Minimum Technical Requirements

  • For web browsers, use one of the web browsers listed here: Canvas' Supported Browsers
    • We recommend using the latest releases of Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access any of Crown's web services.  Microsoft Internet Explorer is NOT supported.   
  • For Microsoft Office, you will need the current release of Microsoft 365 for Windows or Mac computers.
  • Your classwork computer should be able to run a current supported release of the operating system of Microsoft Windows or MacOS.  Keeping your system up to date with the latest Operating System patches is recommended.
    • Computers are available on campus for student use in our Library or Computer Labs, subject to availability.
  • A SmartPhone running the latest release of iOS or Android is highly recommended. Student Apps are offered for student engagement, online learning, door access, print access, library, and dining.


Contact the Help Desk at [952-446-4357] or if you have questions regarding technology at Crown College.


Cengage help links from Cengage

Thank you for partnering with us to deliver Cengage Unlimited (CU) subscriptions to your students. With the start of classes quickly approaching, I wanted to reach out to make sure you and the faculty at Crown College have everything to get up and running with CU for the Spring term.   


Ensure Day One Access! 

To ensure your faculty’s Cengage materials are set up and students have access on day one, please forward the resources below to faculty included in courses within your Cengage Unlimited agreement.  

o   Instructors Getting Started Resources:

o   Students Getting Started Resources:

o   Live Student Support for Class Starts:


Any faculty who needs assistance with setting up their courses or training can simply fill out this form and a Cengage representative will reach out with next steps.   

Password Security

This Summer we have implemented new password requirements, now requiring fourteen character passwords.

If your password is not working, do this:

If you have never logged in at Crown and you are expecting an account to be set up for you:

  • Check the PERSONAL email account of the address you gave to Crown College. 
    • The subject is Here is your Crown College Account Activation Email
  • Use the link in that email to set your new password.

If you have logged in to Crown and need to reset your password:

This is Microsoft's password reset site.  You need your or email address to get going on that site, along with other personal contact information so Microsoft can help you reset your password.  This password will sync back to and

Or, send an email to Include your Crown username and request a password reset.  We will replay to the personal email you have on record with us.  If you want to change your personal email, please contact our Registrar at or 952-446-4450


How to identify a phishing email

How do I know if that email is real?   Look at the attached reference for some tips.