Hours and Contact Information

Location: C105 (lower level)
Phone: 952-442-4168
Email Health Services Coordinator: healthservices@crown.edu

Who we serve:

Health Services provides on-site general first aid, offsite referrals, and wellbeing checks for students seeking a degree through Crown College. We are open most scheduled-class week days with a registered nurse. We operate on a walk-in, (first-come, first served basis,) unless a more urgent medical need requires priority. An appointment can be made to see the nurse if you prefer.


Health Services strives to provide you with health wellness and general first aid at no cost. However, immunizations requirements and wellness care may require students and families to seek and self-pay for their own care. Students are responsible for all off-campus care and supplies rendered at an off-campus medical facility. We have resources available to offsite reduced cost clinics.

Local resources:

In the event a student should need medical care when Health Services are not open, there are many pharmacies, urgent care facilities and hospitals nearby.

Area pharmacies:

Area urgent care and hospitals facilities:

Immunization Requirements:

All students need to provide evidence of certain immunizations once they are admitted to the college. This is to protect you from serious illness and also to protect our community. It is the student's responsibility to provide accurate immunization dates to achieve compliance.

What immunizations are required?

MN law requires all students born after 1956 be immunized against certain diseases, allowing for certain specified exemptions. Students are required to submit the following immunization dates within 45 days of the beginning of the academic term.

  • Tetanus/Diphtheria date must be within past 10 years.
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) must report 2 doses, at least 28 days apart, after age 12 months or provide other results.

Nursing Students will have additional required immunizations before working at clinical sites.

How do I report my Immunization status?

Students report their Td (or Tdap) and MMR dates online by logging into our.crown.edu site (login is required).

Students are to fill out the Health History form as well as immunization information.

What Immunizations are recommended?

  • Meningitis (strongly advised once during the first 2 years of college; booster recommended if initial vaccine was given before age 16)
  • Hepatitis B (3 dose series)
  • Varicella (2 doses given one month apart if no history of having chicken pox)
  • Poliomyelitis (recommended for students under 18 years and some international travelers)
  • Influenza (annual)
  • Mantoux testing ( required for all international students and for students who have been where tuberculosis is endemic)
  • Hepatitis A (2 dose series recommended for people with increased risk and others who wish to obtain immunity and for international travelers)


MN Department of Health: http://www.health.state.mn.us/

CDC: http://www.cdc.gov/

Common Health Problems at College: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/ages-stages/young-adult/Pages/Health-Care-for-College-Students.aspx

College Health: https://medlineplus.gov/collegehealth.html

Mayo Clinic: Staying Healthy: http://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/basics/staying-healthy/hlv-20049421


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